The main purpose of a periodic property visit, sometimes referred to as a mid-tenancy visit, is to ensure that the property is being looked after by the tenant.

But there are other important factors to consider too: for example, our inventory clerks will check and identify any maintenance issues that require the landlord's attention.

Our inventory clerks will also keep a watchful eye on possible breaches by the tenant, like unauthorised sub-letting or unauthorised pets.

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A good property visit will protect the interests of the landlord and the tenant

We recommend an property visit every 3 months or around half way through the tenancy, whichever comes first.

Not only do our inventory clerks check your property is being well looked after, they will also ensure that repairs and maintenance actioned within the tenancy period have been undertaken to a satisfactory standard.

The visits serve to protect both landlord and tenant: the landlord from possible damage if no action is taken, and the tenant from the possible discomfort resulting from the damage.

  • Regular visits protects the landlord, the property and the tenant
  • Our inventory clerks will keep a watchful eye
  • We also do property checks for property management companies