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Gone are the days when the cost of an inventory was easily absorbed through management fees. And landlords are starting to recognise the importance of the inventory when dealing with evidence-based schemes like Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Inventories have to be of a professional standard and if you're an agency doing this in-house, well that takes up valuable time and training.

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Outsourcing your inventory work allows you to focus on core business

"Most Inventories are inadequate to stand up in court"
AIIC, January 2012

  • Better use of agency time. Use staff more productively, efficiently
  • High quality reports, delivered on time, in multiple formats, accessible online
  • Chances are we're local to you, so we'll be accessible and reactive
  • Our inventory clerks will cover out-of-hours and weekend work
  • Our inventory clerks are reliable and trustworthy. They will look after you and your tenants

We are more than happy to start off as your 2nd or 3rd supplier, to provide ad-hoc cover for your agency when you need it, whether it's out of hours or just due to the sheer volume of work. The reason for this is that we're confident that once you see the quality of the service we provide, you'll be wanting to work with us on a more regular basis.