The Check In procedure should be handled by an inventory clerk that you can rely on to properly validate your inventory.

This is important because if the tenant refuses to sign off the inventory, for any reason, then it may well make any Tenancy Agreement void, subject to the agreement's wording.

A good inventory clerk will be your eyes and ears. The clerk will return an accurate report of condition. The tenant will only get the keys on FULL agreement of inventory.

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A good property visit will protect the interests of the landlord and the tenant

Check In - What to expect

  1. Typically our inventory clerk meets the tenant at the property
  2. The tenant is then walked around the property with the inventory clerk
  3. Our clerk will not be rushed by the tenant, and will stress the importance of the procedure
  4. Agreement on the inventory is actioned on a room by room basis
  5. Any disagreements/amendments relating to missing items, cleanliness or damage are noted
  6. Meters are read, all keys are checked
  7. Inventory initialled by inventory clerk and tenant on every page, then signed (2 copies)
  8. Check In report is signed by inventory clerk and tenant
  9. Keys only handed over if all documents fully signed

Check Out - What to expect

  1. Tenant receives Check Out letter 2-3 weeks prior to moving out date
  2. Our clerk meets tenant on the day, again, stressing importance of Check Out procedure
  3. Clerk works methodically, checking the property room by room against inventory
  4. Particular attention is given the areas of common dispute, like cleanliness of kitchen and washing machine
  5. Any broken items will be carefully described and photographed
  6. Our clerk will also list items left by tenant, and check for additional fixtures and fittings
  7. Keys listed in the inventory are then checked and meters are read
  8. Clerk will then secure property, unplug appliances and shut internal doors
  9. Tenant signs Check Out report